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Amplify Your Wealth: How You Can Benefit From a Tax-Intellig

Every stage of life brings new challenges and opportunities and planning for the future can be daunting. However, working with a Financial Professional can help you make the most of your current situation and prepare for what lies ahead. It is important to note that not all Financial Professionals are created equal. Those who take a proactive, tailored and comprehensive approach can help you feel more confident about pursuing your goals. More specifically, one who takes a tax-intelligent approach to planning and investing can add significant value to your portfolio in the form of tax alpha.


Tax alpha is the incremental benefit you could realize on an annualized basis by virtue of applying the lens of tax to wealth management decisions. That's why we believe in tax-intelligent planning— helping Financial Professionals deliver greater value to clients. By leveraging tax-efficient investment products, strategically timed contributions and withdrawals, and tax-loss harvesting, a tax-intelligent Financial Professional can help minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your financial opportunities.


In Fact, according to the 2023 Russell Investments Value of an Advisor Study, an advisor's advice can add approximately 5% annually to a client's portfolio, with 1.17% of that total percentage being attributed to tax-intelligent advisors who make recommendations to minimize taxes. When you work with a tax-intelligent Financial Professional, they can deliver the value-added services you need most:


  • Tax-Intelligent Planning - Nearly every financial decision has a tax implication, but not every Financial Professional understands the consequences of those choices. Tax-intelligent planning helps you utilize financial tools to their greatest potential, leveraging tax-efficient investment products, strategically timed contributions and withdrawals, tax-loss harvesting and more, to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Proactive Management - We’ll ensure your investments are well-diversified and properly allocated 1, and that the strategies deployed align with your unique goals and risk tolerance. We actively rebalance portfolios to help you maximize returns and pursue optimal long-term growth.
  • Behavioral Guidance - We’ll help you identify the behaviors holding you back and develop strategies to overcome them. By growing in awareness of your habits and biases, you can make rational, rather than emotion-driven, decisions that will keep you on track toward your financial goals.
  • Personalized Experience - Customized financial planning for your family and business should evolve with your changing needs. Our comprehensive financial plans consider your unique circumstances, possible scenarios and all the data you need to make informed decisions.


At every stage of life, whether it's building your family and career, preparing for retirement, or passing on wealth to future generations, working with a tax-intelligent Financial Professional can be one of your greatest assets. Remember, not every Financial Professional is created equal, so be sure to choose one who takes a proactive, tailored, and comprehensive approach, with a focus on tax-intelligent planning.



Additional Disclosures:

1Asset allocation and/or diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment loses.


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