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With eMoney’s Client Portal, you can have a real-time, on-demand financial experience that strengthens the relationship between you and your Financial Professional. You can stay at the forefront of digital trends while tracking progress towards financial goals, easily aggregating all of your accounts, utilizing unlimited document storage within the Vault and having eDelivery of brokerage statements, documents and tax forms.

Additional Client Portal features such as Budgeting, Asset Allocation, Investment tracking, Reports, Alerts and Privacy settings create a Personal Financial Website. The eMoney Client Portal is designed to give you the tools to organize your financial life and help you stay connected with your finances in one simple consolidated view. 

You are invited to create your eMoney Client Portal by invitation from your Financial Professional. Once you receive an invite, registration is easy. You will validate the Client Portal invitation, set your own password and security questions. You also have the option to add two-factor authentication for additional protection. 


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